Make a macro look up specific cell

I have this macro code...How do I change the macro from looking up the whole column to a specific cell.
For Rw = 2 To LastRw
        tSht.Copy After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)   'copy the template
        With ActiveSheet                              'fill out the form
            'edit these rows to fill out your form, add more as needed
            .Range("B13").Value = dSht.Range("B" & Rw).Value
            .Range("G13").Value = dSht.Range("C" & Rw).Value
           .Range("D42").Value = dSht.Range("E" & Rw).Value
            .Range("D50").Value = Format(Date, "yyyy-mm-dd") <---------I would like to change the date to look up a specific cell like "B2" (I forget the coding)

Solutions to the Problem Make a macro look up specific cell

I think you are talking about something like this,

.Range("D50").Value = Format(.Range("B2").Value, "yyyy-mm-dd")

I don;t understand why you are converting the date to a textual representation of a date.
You could just pass the value of B2 along into D50 and use .Range("D50").NumberFormat = "yyyy-mm-dd" to achieve the visual result.
The number formatting will survive
any export to CSV if that is a worry.

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indirect function returns zero

I am trying to write Climbers - Do You Know Your Margin Of Safety? a formula that can be pasted into multiple spreadsheet with different layouts to Administrative Tools in control panel is blank. what can i do to restore it? the data ranges.
I want Screen resolution and no taskbar in windows 8.1 to build the data ranges by using values in A1 and B1 rather than continually editing the formula.
For example, in a particular spreadsheet the count for the data range for column H is 25
Therefore the [Anwsered] Windows 7 fresh install from XP randomly becomes unresponsive and then recovers after 10-100 seconds cells contents are as follows:
A1 = H             
B1 = 25
Yet C1 Returns 0 and not Formula that returns last active cell (lower right cell) in a table H25.
Thanks in anticipation.

Solutions to the Problem indirect function returns zero

=INDIRECT(A1&B1) is equivalent to =H25.
This formula will return the value of cell H25; if this cell is empty, the formula will return 0.
If you want to return the text H25, simply use =A1&B1

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I have to type password twice on first logon of the day

After my computer has been in hybernation or shut down for more than 24 hours, when I logon for the first time of the day, I type my password and the operating system automatically goes back the the logon screen.
I then type my password again and it finally
goes to the desktop.
It's annoying but doesn't seem to be How Do I Connect Hp2400 Series Printer To Windows 7? critical.
Can anyone help me fix this problem?

Anwsers to Anybody Having An Issue With IE9 And Facebook? the Problem I have to type password twice on first logon of the day

·         Since when are you facing this issue?
·         Do you remember making How Can I Seperate My Odd And Even Cells Into 2 Seperate Spreadheets? any changes to the system before the issue occurred?
Try System Restore to rollback your computer configuration an earlier state when it was working fine before.
Open System Restore utility with administrator privileges, check for any restore points present to a month earlier, and follow
the on screen instructions to complete system restore.

Please see below how to open system restore.
·         Open System Restore by clicking the Start button.
In the search box, type
System Restore, and Smax4pnp exe Error Winxp then, in the list of results, click System Restore.‌ If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
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What is system protection?
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For more information about System Restore, see
What is System Restore?

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